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Mancos, Colorado

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This cream should be in every beauty cabinet as well as evert first aid kit.  Check this out - it heals burns, cuts, bruises, and just about every skin condition we have tried it on (except fungal infections).  It's so simple yet so effective - just three ingredients:  Shea Butter from Ghana Africa, Olive Oil for Skincare from Italy, Hemp Seed Oil from Colorado.  It's very smooth and creamy in texture and is absorbed quickly into the skin.  It can be used on the face and body and I suppose you could eat it but don't do that.  I've also used it on dogs with hot spots and on their feet when the temperatures are too cold or too hot.  If they happen to lick it that's OK because it's all natural with no additives, no coloring, no scents.  I created this cream in 2016 after moving from the East where it's humid to a high desert area that's dry.  Our lips burned, our hands cracked and we were in a lot of pain while trying to find a good cream on the market.  Some creams made our skin worse as there were ingredients that we had a bad reaction to.  Instead I started gathering ingredients from around the world from Africa to Italy to create an incredibly hydrating yet healing cream.  It took me a while to come up with the right proportions but I finally did.  I gave samples away by the hundreds to see what people thought of it.  The feedback has been so positive that I'm ready to go public with it.  If you would like to purchase a jar of our cream it is $25.00 and it can be shipped for an additional fee to cover postage.  It needs to be stored in a cool dark place - never in the sun or near heat.  It is made of butter and oils so it will liquify when it's not in a cool location.   My favorite story about this cream is something that happened to me while I was doing an overnight job.  I took a very hot ceramic plate out of the microwave without potholders and burned 8 of my fingers pretty severly.  The blisters were huge and swelled up immediately.  I couldn't bend my hands at all.  My client told me to put my cream on the blisters right away.  He knew it was a great cream because I'd been using it on him twice a week after giving him a shower.  He had his own testimonial about what the cream did for him.  So I put the cream all over my blistered hands and sat down to watch a 2 hour long movie on TV.  I never looked at my hands during the movie.  When the movie was finished I looked at my hands and they were 100% healed.  There was no evidence of burns at all.  I was able to use my hands normally with absolutely no pain.  We were both stunned.  I'm always getting phone calls from people telling me how the cream is helping them and the list keeps growing.  Wouldn't it be amazing if I sold so many of these creams I could retire?  You never know.


To place an order please call (970) 238-6301.  We accept cash, checks or direct deposits on line.  

Natural Healing Cream - $25.00

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