Mary and Spencer 

Mancos, Colorado

(970) 238-6301

 I began making quilts when I was a young mother with five small children.  It's what kept me from loosing my mind honestly.  I made so many I lost count.  Currently I have 12 wall hangings for sale.  I will list them individually with the size and how they were constructed.  Let us know if one catches your eye and you'd like to have it hanging in your home.

You'll need a lot of wall space to hang this one - 50.24" x 54".

It's made with applique and machine stitching - this one would be great in a cabin.

Asking Price:  $400.00

This quilt was always hung in our front hallway - because pineapples represent hospitality.  Made with applique and machine quilted.

Size:  32.75" x 54"

Price:  $350.00

Autumn Leaves was pieced together by machine and stipple quilted.  

Size:  25.25" x 23"

Price:  $275.00

 Eight pointed stars and checkers was machine pieced and stipple quilted.

Size:  37" x 48.75"

Price:  $300.00

Blue and White Quilt - machine pieced and stipple quilted.

Size:  29.5" x 29.5"

Price:  $250.00

Cabin in the Woods - all machine pieced.

Size:  28" x 28.25"

Price:  $250.00

Cat Quilt machine pieced, applique and stipple quilting.

Size:  37.75" x 19.5"

Price:  $300.00

Bowtie quilt - all machine pieced

Size:  34.25" x 34"

Price:  $275.00

Angel Quilt - machine pieced and applique.

Size:  25.25" x 23"

Price:  $275.00

Blue and Red Hearts - applique and machine pieced

Size:  26.5" x 26.25"

Price:  $225.00

Diamonds and checkers machine pieced and quilted

Size:  27.25" x 27.75"

Price:  $225.00

Red, White and Blue Giant Heart - machine pieced and quilted

Size:  32.5" x 37"

Price:  $225.00